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Sorry, participation in Tricia Enns' University of Concordia, Master's of Design research-creation project is now closed! 


The kit I will send you (if you sign-up) will encourage you to explore the embedded and often hidden stories and narratives held by the debris that collects along the dark edges of the Quartier des Spectacles neighbourhood (Montreal) through paper making. If you are located outside of Montreal, use the kit to share stories from a local place you know. The contact information you share will not be disclosed to anyone, but the documentation you share will be added to this website, inform the writing of the final written thesis, and contribute to the evolution of this project.

In order to proceed you are required to first complete a consent form (note the consent form is only in English, if you need assistance please contact me). 

You will be re-directed to jot-form to complete the consent form, download the form, and then return to share your documentation after!


If you have any questions, send me an email at

Photo taken by Tricia Enns

Participant Paper: scroll through to see a collection of debris mappings produced by participants thus far.

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