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In my research I use the process of paper making as a method of research-creation. 

Myself making paper in my kitchen September 2020


The embodied, materially engaged process of paper making allows for time to speculate on the multiple possible narratives attached to the debris that is slowly submerged into the watery pulp. 

The deckle and mold create a container for the narratives to grow. Allowing sprouts of stories to figuratively grow from the 30cm x 30cm square. 


Myself making paper in my kitchen October 2020


The squares of debris filled paper can then be left, as is, or attached to other squares. Some tears are stitch up while other are left as is. Similar to cracks in a road.


Myself stitching a tear in handmade paper in my kitchen November 2020


I initially engaged in this process alone, in my kitchen, but the creation of the participatory kits makes it possible to hopefully engage others to (remotely) join me in playing with making debris filled paper. Eventually, post covid-19, the goal is to take the paper making to the streets where paper, place, debris, and people can all collide with one another in the same space and time. 

Photos of paper created by myself, Tricia Enns, with materials from The Quartiers des Spectacles neighbourhood

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